Ripkitty Network

Ripkitty Network: A Fusion of Culture and Innovation. Our diverse enterprise combines a premium hemp and smoke shop, a cutting-edge record label, and a creative graphics studio.

CBD & Hemp

Spearheading Innovation in the Dazzling World of CBD and Hemp Products


Rigorously Assessed for Premium Quality and Scientific Integrity

Graphics & Art

Cultivating Cultural Expression Through Music and Innovative Art Techniques

Your One Stop Smoke Shop

Ripkitty caters to all smokers, and non-smokers alike, we don’t just sell pipes. We’re a lounge, and a place to escape.

Ripkitty Network

  • Chill with like-minded tokers, and smoke aficionados.
  • Fast, reliable, and resourceful
  • Experience the world of Ripkitty.


  • Updates on the smoke industry.
  • News about the latest deals with high-risk industries.
  • Exclusive access to special deals.

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